Peter Wessels

Fisheries Specialist

Peter Wessels is a specialist in commercial fisheries management. His focus is on market and value chain approaches to environmental and social issues in fisheries and seafood industries. He has worked extensively with trawling, longlining, pole and line, and trap fisheries. Peter brings a comprehensive perspective to fisheries management and the seafood sector, having worked in government, industry, academia, and industry in a variety of capacities.

Peter holds a BA in International Commerce from Humboldt State University and an MA in Marine Resources Management from Dalhousie University in Canada. He has conducted socio-economic research in the Maldives on pole and line fisheries and oversaw fisheries improvement projects and aquaculture development in West Africa, as well as working with North Atlantic groundfish and lobster fisheries. Most recently, Peter has been working in the South Atlantic on Marine Protected Area designations and other marine conservation projects.

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