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Strengthening international fisheries supply chains

Identifying new and reliable seafood sources and markets

For over two decades, Gomez-Hall Associates has helped major Spanish canned seafood brands identify and develop new suppliers for albacore, tropical tunas, and other seafoods (squid, shellfish and small pelagic fish) in Mexico, the U.S., and Peru. Companies and brands we have worked with include: Conservas Albo, Conservas Ortiz, Salica, Industria Alimentaria, Conservas Cuca, Palacio de Oriente, Conservas Serrats, and Calvo, among others.  At the same time, we have helped harvesters find better markets for their catches.

"When our options for selling our pole and line tunas were limited, Gomez-Hall Associates found us new export markets."
Bob Pringle
President, Pringle Enterprises

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