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From Mexico to the Maldives, from Ecuador to Taiwan, from the Philippines to Canada and from New Zealand to Spain, Gomez-Hall Associates has been involved in every aspect of the global tuna industry.  

Gomez-Hall Associates provides clear solutions to the complex problems of fish procurement, sustainability certifications, market access, management regulations, and more. We help you better understand the key variables affecting your tuna supply chains and the strategic options you have to maintain or increase your market reach and sustainability leadership.  

Projects have included marketing of whole frozen yellowfin, skipjack and albacore tuna; processing plant renovations and refinements to improve yields; supply chain expansion; sustainability certification assistance; strategic planning for private companies; facilitation of joint ventures, vessel acquisitions, and other business arrangements; and many others. In particular, we have extensive experience with the Marine Stewardship Council’s sustainability certification process and have helped multiple fisheries achieve certification. Check out our case studies to see more of what we can offer.

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