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Helping NGOs understand critical fishing industry drivers

Reducing the learning curve

As one example, when the Ocean Conservancy wanted to get more involved in the tuna world, Gomez-Hall Associates provided a detailed analysis of the nature and characteristics of world tuna fisheries and markets, identifying key players and economic drivers, to help the organization develop an effective outreach strategy.

Similarly, for a comprehensive effort involving sensitive marine protected areas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, including the Galapagos Islands, Conservation International (CI) needed to quickly gain critical and actionable intelligence regarding the structure and contributions of the main domestic and foreign players in the Ecuadorian tuna industry. Gomez-Hall Associates was able to shorten the learning curve and provide CI critical information to develop the organization’s tuna strategy in region.

"Guillermo’s deep knowledge of tuna fisheries was extremely valuable in our conservation work, and he was a pleasure to work with."
Mark Powell
Vice President, Ocean Conservancy

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