January 20, 2021

Gomez-Hall Associates featured in the fisheries press

Guillermo Gomez

Gomez-Hall Associates’ work on tuna FADs has been featured recently in the fisheries press.  On December 8, 2020, Undercurrents News posted an article entitled “New paper urges tuna RFMOs to get stricter on FAD management” highlighting our publication The IUU Nature of FADs: Implications for Tuna Management and Markets, which is available at Coastal Management’s website.

Similarly, the tuna-focused news website Atuna published two articles focused on our IUU FAD article, including their January 13, 2021 article entitled “Research: Vast Majority of Canned Tuna from IUU FAD Fisheries” and their January 15, 2021 article entitled “IUU Nature of FADs a Serious Problem for MSC.”  Most Atuna content is available only to subscribers of their service, but screenshots of the articles are provided here.

Image source: Pew Charitable Trust

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